Robert J. Coppinger

Founder and President

Mr. Coppinger started his career in the financial services industry under the employ of our nation's largest banks (JP Morgan Chase Bank and HSBC Bank) as Vice President of their respective commercial desks.

Mr. Coppinger has been a successful entrepreneur launching various companies in the legal services, insurance, finance, and real estate industries. In 2005 Mr. Coppinger founded a successful professional consulting corporation, W.A.D. Services, Inc., which specialized in commercial real estate finance. Mr. Coppinger since then has closed over $500 million in commercial loans as both a broker and a direct lender in private money transactions (Hard Money). In 2007 Mr. Coppinger served as C.E.O. of W.A.D. Capital, LLC, a private money bridge lender, with a nationwide focus for deploying capital.

Mr. Coppinger formatively held Life, Accident, and Health Insurance Licenses for NY State and NJ State.

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